Bear Proof Bird Feeder

By | September 18, 2021

Bear Proof Bird Feeder. How do you bear proof a bird feeder? One way to prevent a bear’s access to your feeder is to suspend it from a metal post (figure 1).

Best Rated in Wild Bird Feeders & Helpful Customer Reviews
Best Rated in Wild Bird Feeders & Helpful Customer Reviews from

Bird’s choice bear proof bird feeder via wayfair. Remember to store bird seed securely indoors at all times. Bird feeders can become bear feeders.

Keep The Areas Underneath Your Feeders Clean.

This heavy duty steel bird feeder is guaranteed indestructible against bears, raccoons, possums, squirrels and deer. Lawrence ruskin, a bear smart resident, devised a very effective method for bear. With no plastic parts to crack in the sun, this model is built for longevity.

Attract Birds To Feed, Even When Bears Come Out Of Hibernation.

It’s a durable powder coated steel tube that surrounds a clear plastic seed reservoir. Sometimes the solution is to hang the feeder outside an upper story window, but please be aware that bears can scale rough sided walls. How do you bear proof a bird feeder?

The Best Way To Protect Bird Feeders From Bears Is To Use Several Techniques So The Bears Cannot Get An Easy Meal.

Our bear proof bird feeder is the perfect solution! Locking feeders in a sturdy shed or garage at night will keep them out of reach of bears. Bears (and other wildlife) are readily attracted to back yards because of the presence of bird feeders.

Remember To Store Bird Seed Securely Indoors At All Times.

The harder the food is to access, the more likely it is the bears will leave feeders alone. Bears are powerful, agile, and resourceful, necessitating that any feeder be placed out of their reach. Features 6 feeding perches for your favorite songbirds, plus 5 seed viewing windows on both sides.

Bird Feeders Can Become Bear Feeders.

This heavy duty bird feeder is designed to withstand a bear coming to feed from it. We can't find a weak point in this 9+ lb steel fortress. Bears typically try to avoid humans and will save their scavenging for nighttime.

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