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By | November 23, 2021

Bird Platform Feeders. Bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths | specialists in wild bird feeding | wild bird superstore since 1952 call duncraft at 1.888.879.5095 102 fisherville road,. Platform and tray bird feeders offer space for a variety of songbirds.

24 oz Plastic Hummingbird Feeder
24 oz Plastic Hummingbird Feeder from

I use two types of platform feeders in my yard: 124 in stock , 124 available at this price! Even heavier when filled with seed.

After Tray Feeders, Hopper Feeders, And The Ground Are Favored By The Majority Of Birds.

Main types of seed feeders include hopper, tube, and platform feeders. The feeder that attracts the most birds also happens to be the most modest, a platform feeder is simply an open tray with no limitations as to what and who can access the contents it holds. Platform and tray bird feeders offer space for a variety of songbirds.

Thanks To The Robust Structure, The Feeder Is One Of The Most Sold Platform Feeders On Amazon.

The first one is a very simple plan for a large (two feet square) platform bird feeder. The biggest disadvantage to platform feeders is the possibility of the seed getting wet, particularly if it does not have a roof. See more ideas about platform bird feeder, bird feeders, bird house feeder.

Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, Bird Baths | Specialists In Wild Bird Feeding | Wild Bird Superstore Since 1952 Call Duncraft At 1.888.879.5095 102 Fisherville Road,.

Zenport platform tray bird feeder. We have two platform bird feeder plans for you to build. Thread the cable through the holes before tying off with an overhand knot.

124 In Stock , 124 Available At This Price!

Many bird species like robins, sparrows and thrushes won’t give tubular feeders the time of day, preferring a flat surface. A tray or platform bird feeder is the simplest and more versatile of all bird feeders. While you'd expect the most common platform bird feeder to be mounted to a post, or one that hangs, a ground level platform feeder certainly serves an important role.

These Feeders Are Ideal For Serving The Widest Variety Of.

Platform feeders are used by 50 (92.5%) of the 54 species included in this article. The bird seed is simply poured into an open platform or tray that basically any bird can access. This excellent tray feeder accommodates plenty of small and large wild.

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