Bird Scare Tape

By | May 21, 2022

Bird Scare Tape. This 50 ft long, 2 wide reflective holographic tape has an adhesive backing that allows you to peel and stick it on all types of solid surfaces. Used to frighten away common birds such as pigeons, seagulls, blackbirds and other birds often found in your garden or on your property.

Seal Repair Tape — XFasten
Seal Repair Tape — XFasten from

The holographic design flashes in the sunlight deterring birds. Bird tape is made from flashy iridescent material that is used to scare away unwanted birds. This is why the shiny tape doesn't work;

Thousands Of Tiny, Almost Holographic, Reflective Squares On The Tape Split The Light And Reflect It Back In All The Colours Of The Rainbow.

Holographic image creates moving reflection which frightens and deters birds Reflects light to keep birds away from your garden, fruit trees, lawn or home! Blissvent reflective bird tape bird scare tape ribbion, deterrent tape for birds and pigeons, flash double sided reflective tape outdoor 262 feet 6 rolls 4.1 out of 5 stars 42 $17.99 $ 17.

Bird Tape Is Often Used In Farms, Vineyards & Other Agricultural Applications.

Cut into desired strips for effective coverage The thin metallic film flaps in the wind and emits a noise that disturbs birds. Bird flash tape is not adhesive but comes as a roll of shiny plastic or mylar ribbon in a variety of widths because it's cheaply made.

The Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Tape Is 80 Metres Long Both Roles And Is Most Commonly Used To Scare And Frighten Unwanted Animals, Pigeons, Woodpeckers And Other Birds.

Keep birds away from your garden, orchard, yard, lawn, crops and anywhere you. Silver and red iridescent flash tape. The bird scare tape is not easy to miss and that is exactly the point.

Holographic Bird Scare Tape With 3D Holographic Effect Helps Protect Buildings And Plants;

Protects your fruits and vegetables from thieving birds. It can keep pest birds away from fruit trees, gardens, vines, pool areas, patios, gazebos, overhangs, boats, and more! Bird tape is made from flashy iridescent material that is used to scare away unwanted birds.

Simply Cut The Bird Tape Into Suitable Lengths And Attach On &/Or Around The Area Being Protected.

The pigeon and bird repelling. Humanely scare away pest birds. Scare tape is an effective and humane way to keep birds off vegie gardens, crops and lawns.

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