Dr Bird Rum

By | August 20, 2021

Dr Bird Rum. A blend of worthy park pot still rums, blended and aged in st. The moscatel is doing super interesting things here.

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In other words, if you like being in an extremely good mood, head here immediately. You can practically recognize it from across the room, and i mean that in the best way. These are just some of the personalities and things that jamaica is known for.

Our Gin Possesses Heavy Juniper, But Pine Notes Serve As An Undertone In The Flavor Profile.

Blending flavors and concepts across the globe while adding the jamaican flare. The strangely named doctor bird rum is another company’s response to smith and cross, rum fire and the s tolen overproof rum. Enjoyed a glass of two james doctor bird jamaican rum with my friend during a 5,000 mile road trip across 18 states.

Garnish With Some Fresh Mint And A Used Lime Half.

Not only does this add to the flavor (with the lime oils slowly trickling into the drink, it looks pretty cool. Instead, doctor bird manages to capture the “essence” of the musty sherry and the rich jammy and fruitiness without any of the actual sweetness. A gorgeous rum with an unmistakable fingerprint that works beautifully in cocktails.

At Doctor Bird’s Jamaican Patty Shack We Believe That People Are Better Together.

The doctor bird is the national symbol of jamaica. This is the second location in the states. This rum comes in a 750 ml bottle with a classic label style reminiscent of the early 20th century.

When It Is Agitated It Creates A Thin Band That Spins Off Fast Moving Legs.

In other words, if you like being in an extremely good mood, head here immediately. Nose a funky aroma and most pot still jamaican rums tend to go hand and hand and this rum does not disappoint. Between great food and contagiously friendly service, we’ve yet to visit dr.

We Import Several Different Jamaican Rums And Ship Them Back To Our Distillery In Detroit Where They Are.

this is the first rum expression from two james spirits craft distillers, based in detroit's corktown neighborhood. Bird’s and not leave way happier than when we walked in. Can't even mix this one to hide the nasty taste.

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