Pigeon Proof Bird Feeder

By | March 24, 2022

Pigeon Proof Bird Feeder. This allows smaller birds to feed, but keeps away unwanted big birds like pigeons. In addition, you can modify the perches’ weight for allowing only those birds you wish to roost and feed.

Duif en Vogelhuis/waterbak — Stockfoto © Valengilda 56231041
Duif en Vogelhuis/waterbak — Stockfoto © Valengilda 56231041 from depositphotos.com

When trying to deter pigeons, preventing access to food is key. When feeding smaller birds, cage in all food so that pigeons cannot reach it. They can grip telephone wires, cables and branches because they can crouch on top of them, but anything that is vertical or inclined at a.

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Taking extra care to keep this fat ball feeder at a distance is imperative because its the pigeons goal to get hold of the suet. You shall consider going for wild bill’s 12 station squirrel proof bird feeder; This allows smaller birds to feed, but keeps away unwanted big birds like pigeons.

We Sell A Variety Of Feeders That Are Specifically Designed To Exclude Pigeons And Other Large Birds.

And that is the key thing. I have doves, pigeons, native wild birds and squirrels. They leave the acrobatics to the smaller birds.

The Smaller Birds Actually Quite Like The Extra Spikes On The Outside, Although So Do The Starlings, Which May Be An Issue If You Don’t Like Them.

Amijivdaya pigeon or parrot proof bird feeder with feeder. This splash proof pigeon bird feeder will ensure that your pet bird always has access to clean food! These feeders have a wide diameter cage to stop bigger birds being able to access the food.

When Trying To Deter Pigeons, Preventing Access To Food Is Key.

Use a pigeon proof feeder pigeons don’t have much agility when it comes to holding on to surfaces that aren’t flat. This bird feeder net will come with the bird feeder. The same idea applies to your bird feeder.

Some Manufacturers Also Make Pigeon Guards That Can Be Attached To Existing Feeders.

Maximum effective mesh size will be 2.5 inches. This bird feeder has a transparent flip lid to prevent the bird food from splashing all over the place. There are different colors for you to choose from!

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