Shepherd's Hook For Bird Feeder

By | November 28, 2021

Shepherd's Hook For Bird Feeder. Ad find deals and low prices on popular products at A shepherd’s hook pole like the gtonoko shepherd’s hook on amazon is a great way to hang a bird feeder anywhere, as you just need to stake it into the ground, and then it will hold any feeder an appropriate distance from the ground (92 inches).


The reasons start with not being a part of a tree which is like a highway for squirrels to get to the feeder itself. Browse & discover thousands of brands. It's a set of four, eight, or twelve shepherd hooks to suit the number of bird feeders in your backyard.

Artibear Adjustable Outdoor Shepherd Hook Stand With 5 Prong Base, 92 Inches Tall 3/5 In Thick, Shiny Black (2 Packs) Check Latest Price

Sporting a graceful curlicue, the beau jardin shepherd’s hook bird feeder pole is our pick for the easiest to install. If buying a shepherd’s hook for use with bird feeders, bird baths, or other types of avian devices, go with a taller hook to offer birds better protection from predators. Browse & discover thousands of brands.

Some Shepherd’s Hooks Ship With Stickers Attached To Them, Which Can Leave A Sticky Residue Behind When You Try To Remove Them.

The metal shepherds hook is made from a tubular design that provides added strength and helps to prevent bending under standard planter weights compared to traditional forged rods. Height above ground 185cm below ground depth 29cm please note: It’s height of at least 91” will surely keep the raccoons, squirrels and other ground predators away.

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Heavy duty, durable and pretty curved shepherd's hook makes a statement. Determine the height of the shepherd's hook needed for your garden. Ashman shepherd's 35 inches hooks, black, set of 12 made of premium metal metal for hanging bird feeders.

2 Pack Shepherd Hook 48 Inch, 1/2 Inch Thick Heavy Duty Rust Resistant Shepards Hooks Outdoor Hangers For Hanging Plants, Solar Lights, Bird Feeders, Christmas Wreath And Christmas Decorations.

Shepherd's hooks is ideal for arrangement of privy gardens, pathways, flower beds, wedding sites, holidays, celebration activities or around bushes to enhance your garden look. Amusing yankees shepherd hook bird feeder hanger. Ashman shepherds hook 10 pack black, 35 inches tall, made of premium metal for hanging solar light, bird feeders and wedding decor.

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Includes double anchoring spikes for stability. If your plan is to hang a bird feeder from the hook, figure on the height of the hook to be between 5 and 6 feet. Ashman black shepherd hook 48 inch (10 pack), 2/5 inch (10 mm) diameter, super strong, rust resistant steel hook.

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