Water Wiggler For Bird Bath

By | October 30, 2021

Water Wiggler For Bird Bath. Moving birdbath water attracts birds, prevents water stagnation and helps control mosquitoes in bird baths Api water wiggler, agitator for bird baths.

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To determine the depth of your bird bath, empty the water in the bird bath and place the water wiggler in the deepest portion of birdbath [figure 5]. These are nice in warm weather too, when the moving water keeps mosquitoes away. Add two d batteries, place in your bath and go!

With It’s Unique Agitating Action That Creates Continuous Ripples In The Water, Preventing Mosquitos From Laying Eggs.

Shop lechnical solar water wiggler for bird bath solar powered water agitator with battery backup. The wiggler attracts more birds with moving water. Generally you don’t have troubles to attract wild birds to an outdoor bird bath but with a water wiggler you can be guaranteed to see birds using your bird bath continuously and eagerly.

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My initial concern was that it might take up too much space in the bird bath and not allow enough bathing room. Moving water attracts birds and helps prevent the spread of west nile virus by eliminating stagnant water in birdbaths. What 'the wiggler' does is create a continuous ripple on the bird bath surface.

Features A Silent Agitator To Create Continuous Ripples In Your Birdbath And Prevent Mosquitoes From Landing.

Explore our range of fantastic plants that are delivered straight to your door. A water wiggler is a device you put in your bird bath stir up the water. It is a very durable wiggler with agitator action that creates ripples in water.

Attract Birds And Not Mosquitos By Creating Ripples In Your Bird Bath With This Water Wiggler.

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. It's a water wiggler, a water agitator for bird baths that makes the lovely ripples like. Battery operated water wiggler creates movement and ripples in your bird bath.

Add Two D Batteries, Place In Your Bath And Go!

It creates small ripples across the birdbath and prevents the water from freezing. Bird bath agitators, drippers, misters, water wigglers and waterfall rocks at songbirdgarden.com. Keep your water moving to attract more birds!

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